“Amazing Great Gun oysters! We loved having them host our party! They shared delicious oysters alongside a variety of mignonette sauces and accoutrements. Our guests enjoyed learning about oysters too. Great Gun Rocks!”

Jenn Sessa

“The Great Gun raw bar we booked was the centerpiece of my husband’s retirement party. The set up was pristine, shuckers professional, accoutrements delectable, and – most importantly – the beautiful oysters were the best we’d ever eaten. It was a unique and memorable part of the afternoon that neither we nor our guests will soon forget.”

Elizabeth Harris

“The different sauces they had for the oysters were incredible and when they cold smoked some of them, it was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. Thank you Great Gun!! You made our day so special.”

Kim Helgans

“Great Gun setup their oyster raw bar in my backyard and turned what would’ve been an average bbq birthday party into an elegant affair!!! The oysters were absolutely delicious. I feel as though a whole new world of eating oysters was opened up to me by Great Gun!”

John Donahue

“We woke up talking about how delicious they were. Thank you again. My son particularly enjoyed them and wants me to order some for his birthday next Sunday. I will order online now.”

Helen Marcos

“My absolute favorite oyster provider. I couldn’t be happier to have found them.”

Gabrielle Rota

“Just purchased 2 dozen oysters from Great Gun Oysters. I served them to my social distant guests who have never had oysters before (kids and adults). Grilled with minced sauteed garlic & butter and all went crazy for them. Should have purchased 4 dozen!”

John Rocchetta

“Delicious and very tasty oysters… I think I found my favorites! Thanks.”

Carrie Noonten

“Excellent local oysters, briny, sweet, meaty for their size. Support your local farmer with free local delivery to your door! Highly recommend!”

Mark Andres

“These are the best oysters on the east coast by far. Believe me i eat a lot when I sit down to eat oysters.

Patrick Browne